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Ownership of this website www.menorcaenmotos.com (hereinafter Website) is held by: MENORCA EN MOTO SC, provided with NIF: J06983530, and obtained contact information for son:

Address: Carrer de Eivissa, Number 28, Ciutadella de Menorca (07760), Balearic Islands

Contact phone: +34 747407971 / 647086476

Contact email:contacto@menorcaenmotos.com , menorcaenmotos@gmail.com

This document (as well as other documents mentioned here) regulates the conditions governing the use of this Website (www.menorcaenmotos.com) and the contracting of services on it (hereinafter, Conditions).

For the purposes of these Conditions, it is understood that the activity that Menorca en Moto develops through the Website includes:

Rental of own vehicles.

In addition to reading these Conditions, before accessing, browsing and/or using this web page, the User must have read the Legal Notice and the General Conditions of Use, including the cookie policy, and the privacy and privacy policy, data protection of MENORCA EN MOTO. By using this Website or by making and/or requesting the contracting of the service through it, the User agrees to be bound by these Conditions and by everything mentioned above, so if you do not agree with all of this, you should not use this Website.

Likewise, it is reported that these Conditions may be modified. The User is responsible for consulting them each time they access, browse and/or use the Website, since they will be those that are in force at the time the acquisition of products and/or services is requested.

For all questions that the User may have in relation to the conditions, they can contact the owner using the contact information provided above or, where appropriate, using the contact form.

At the time of contracting the rental, the User acknowledges having read and accepted the conditions detailed by MENORCA EN MOTO in this document.

By contracting, the User agrees to respect current traffic regulations at all times and be responsible for any sanctions that may arise from misuse or breach of regulations during the term of this contract.

Not included are own damages generated by reckless and/or negligent driving, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any of the reasons stated here exempts MENORCA EN MOTO from any responsibility.

The clauses of the rental contract may only be modified by express agreement, written and signed by both parties. MENORCA EN MOTO reserves the right to cancel reservations according to prior notification to the client, as well as the right of admission.

In the event that any of the general conditions set forth in this contract is breached, MENORCA EN MOTO may terminate this contract at any time, thus demanding the immediate return of the vehicle and no refund of the amount paid will be made.


  • Be older than 21 years old.
  • Minimum experience in driving motorcycles. If at the time of rental the Menorca en Moto staff checks the lack of experience or that the client does not know how to drive the motorcycle, it will NOT be delivered and the reservation will be considered canceled according to the cancellation terms established by MENORCA BY MOTORCYCLE.
  • Valid passport or ID. Original and valid driver’s license. (A1/ A2 or B).

For driving permits outside the EU or without an agreement with Spain, it will be necessary to present the International Driving License in addition to the original.

Official documents or valid photos, photocopies or complaints and/or any other document that is not the original card will not be considered. In the event that the User does not meet the following conditions mentioned above, the reservation will be considered canceled according to the cancellation terms established by MENORCA EN MOTO.


  • Reservations requested through the Website are subject to confirmation by MENORCA EN MOTO . This confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the client at the time of making the request.
  • Motorcycles cannot be taken off the island under any circumstances.
  • The maximum duration per reservation is 30 days.


  • Vehicle deliveries are always made within our business hours, and deliveries can be made outside business hours or with a delivery service through a supplement for delivery outside of hours or delivery .
    The Menorca en Moto staff will be waiting for you at our facilities or at the place agreed in the reservation for the delivery of the vehicle.

The User will be informed of the special characteristics of the motorcycle, as well as the technical characteristics and the fuel policy of his reservation.

The User receives the vehicle in perfect working order and with accessories (keys, helmets and original documentation) who must check it together with the company’s staff.

Acknowledging being informed of our fuel policy and type of fuel that the vehicle requires. All our motorcycles use E5 Gasoline (unleaded 95 octane) and are committed to returning the vehicle in the conditions stipulated in your contract.


  • The motorcycles will be returned at the MENORCA EN MOTO office, during business hours, at the place or meeting point agreed in the rental contract.
  • At the time of the personal return, a visual inspection of the vehicle will be carried out to verify it.
  • Returns out of hours, or with pick-up at a meeting point other than the one agreed in the rental contract carry a supplement for Out of hours or Pick up.
  • MENORCA EN MOTO will grant a maximum courtesy period of 59 minutes when agreed in the rental contract for the return of the vehicle, having exceeded this period, one more day of rental will be billed.
  • At the beginning of the rental, refunds will only be made for reasons of force majeure (for example, death of a relative in the first degree).
  • It is expressly agreed that MENORCA EN MOTO does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any property left, stored or that the lessee or any other person leaves, stores or transports in the vehicle, either during the rental or after it has ended. The lessee assumes the risk of such loss or damage, exempts MENORCA EN MOTO from any claim for the same and undertakes to keep MENORCA EN MOTO free and indemnifies any claim that may arise for that reason.



  • Reservations paid in full cancellations will be free up to 30 days before the collection of your vehicle with the normal rate.
  • Up to 72 hours before the collection of the vehicle, we promise to reimburse 80% of the value of the reservation in reservations paid in full.
  • Less than 72 hours The amount paid for the reservation will not be refunded.


  • Up to 24 hours before your reservation, the total amount paid will be refunded.
  • Less than 24 hours non-refundable.


  • Unlimited mileage (UM).
  • vat
  • Rear trunk.
  • Compulsory third party insurance with unlimited civil liability and local rates.
  • Roadside assistance service 24 hours.
  • Free second helmet.


MENORCA EN MOTORCYCLE will request a deposit or bond between €150 and €700 depending on the model or cylinder capacity of the rented motorcycle. All our rentals include basic third party insurance.

In no case can this guarantee or deposit be used for an extension of the rent. The payment of the deposit must be made by credit / debit card and will be returned in the same way to the subscriber.

This amount does not cover the total of the alleged damages, assuming that the damage to the vehicle exceeds the amount of the deposit and must be paid by the User.

When the User returns the vehicle together with the keys and MENORCA EN MOTO terminates the contract, the deposit will be returned.

All-risk insurance: €10 per day. The main advantages of contracting this Insurance are the coverage of all types of accidentally caused accidents, damage to third parties, damage to the vehicle, as well as total or partial destruction, loss of the same and/or theft WITHOUT excess.

  • Franchise “0”.
  • Full/Full Fuel Policy.
  • Delivery and collection of the vehicle without load at your accommodation in the Ciutadella area.
  • Second director free.
  • Cancellation policy, up to 24 hours before your reservation with full refund.

The following assumptions are included in the coverage with Comprehensive Insurance:

– Damages to third parties

– Tire punctures (in no case the tire breakage)

– Breakage of keys (only covers a breakage. In no case the loss or forgetting of these, such as under the seat)

– The partial or total destruction of the vehicle.

– Breakage, theft or loss of vehicle accessories such as helmets, trunk and lock.

In no case does the coverage cover medical assistance for personal injuries. In the event of needing medical assistance, call Emergencies at 112.

Accidents caused by negligent driving or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, loss of keys, erroneous refueling, loss of vehicle documentation and other assumptions included in “Terms and conditions” will not be covered.


In the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle, the User has the obligation to contact the Police and make the relevant report of the theft within 24 hours after the incident. Likewise, the theft must be notified to MENORCA EN MOTORCYCLE.

In the event of an accident with another vehicle, the Client must present to MENORCA EN MOTO within 48 hours after the incident, the friendly match, completed by both parties.

In case of theft, you must present the report and the vehicle keys.
In the event that due to a mechanical defect, the vehicle suffers a breakdown and not an accident, MENORCA EN MOTO will replace the vehicle as soon as possible, we have a 24-hour road service.

In the event that it is not possible to replace the vehicle, MENORCA EN MOTO will refund the amount corresponding to the days not used at the contracted rate, as well as the expenses caused by the transfer to your accommodation in any other public transport service.

The User expressly acknowledges and accepts what is stated in the previous paragraph and waives any compensation, if applicable.

The User is responsible for the vehicle and for the damages caused during the rental unless MENORCA EN MOTO obtains the acceptance of total or partial responsibility by a third party.

In case of accident due to negligence or bad driving, the vehicle will NOT be replaced, ending the contract and not returning the money for the remaining days of the rental.

The damage that the User may generate will be subject to an assessment by MENORCA EN MOTO and a subsequent estimate by the Lessor. This implies that the deposit/bond cannot be returned until the value of the repair is certified with an estimate.


  • It is totally forbidden to make repairs to the vehicle without the written authorization of MENORCA EN MOTO. Vehicle maintenance and lubrication are included in our rates (punctures and/or tire changes resulting from misuse of the vehicle are not included).
  • Mechanical wear due to reasonable and normal use of the vehicle is always assumed by MENORCA EN MOTO. It is the User’s obligation to stop the Vehicle when any malfunctioning of the Vehicle is detected. We have a telephone number for breakdowns as well as a 24-hour assistance service. In case of damage to the vehicle, as well as its accessories and complements and/or theft thereof, the corresponding charge will be made to the Client for the following concepts and imports that will be available to the client
  • Plastics: bumps, rocks, dents or warping.
  • Crystals/mirrors: pitted, cracks, losses, subtraction.
  • Lights: broken housings.
  • Tires: punctures, breaks.
  • upholstery, dashboard
  • Accessories: loss, subtraction. Subject to expertise by the company.
  • In case of loss of keys, the Client must pay for them. The cost of the key arose from the rented motorcycle model. The cost of the padlock key is €25, the trunk key is €10 and the trip for the delivery of keys or motorcycle locksmith is €50.

In case of loss of the lock, you will have to pay the cost of €25 and the trip to hand over the keys or open the motorcycle is €50


Roadside Assistance Service is included in the rate.
In the event of an accident due to negligence or paralysis of the vehicle by the authorities, the cost of assistance or towing will be €100.
It is totally forbidden to park the motorcycle on roads, paths, sidewalks and transit areas where the motorcycle could suffer damage or hinder traffic.


  • Our rates do not include fuel
    Basic insurance Rate (Full/Empty): €15 The motorcycle will be delivered with a full tank of gasoline. This rate includes the refueling service.
    The User must return the motorcycle with the gasoline already consumed.
    MENORCA EN MOTO will not make refunds for leftover fuel.
  • Premium Insurance Rate (Full/Full): The motorcycle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel and the User must return it with a full tank.
    If at the time of return the motorcycle is not full, the amount of €15 will be charged for refilling and refueling.
  • All our motorcycles use 95 Unleaded gasoline. The price of gasoline may vary depending on the market value.

The erroneous refueling and as a consequence of the damage or repairs that may occur, will be fully borne by the User.


The User undertakes to use and drive the vehicle in accordance with the basic rules of driving, circulation and in accordance with the specifications of use of the type of vehicle and with the greatest possible care.

The User is strictly prohibited from taking the rented motorcycle out of Menorca.

The driver(s) will be considered to be the persons included in the rental contract, and the use, loan, sublease to third parties or persons not identified and accepted by MENORCA EN MOTO in the rental contract are not authorized.
The User agrees to park it in a safe and properly parked place when not in use. The User is prohibited from assigning, renting, mortgaging, pledging, selling or in any way giving the vehicle as a guarantee. You are prohibited from changing any technical characteristic of the vehicle or making any kind of modification to its exterior and/or interior appearance.

In case of Fine, the User will be responsible and will pay it as soon as possible. If it were the case that the vehicle is removed from the User, the charge for picking it up at the municipal deposit will be that indicated in the corresponding invoice issued by the local administration.

Any importation is not refundable in case of return of the vehicle before the expiration date of the contract.

For any difference that may arise in relation to this document, the parties expressly submit to the Judges and Courts of Menorca, renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


  • Out-of-hours charge : €10 for any vehicle delivery or collection outside of business hours from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Delivery or Collection (deliveries/collections) : €15. Deliveries and/or Collections of the vehicle at the customer’s accommodation in Urbanizations and the Ciutadella area during business hours.
  • Delivery/Collection in the Port of Ciutadella : €10 Deliveries and/or Collections of the vehicle in the port of Ciutadella during business hours.
  • All risk insurance : €10 per day.
  • Second driver : €10 per rental.
  • New helmet : €15 per day. Premiere a new Helmet for your rental. Service according to availability.
  • Management of Fines: €25( VAT included). This administrative fee will be charged upon receipt of a traffic ticket during your rental period. Menorca en Moto SC is required by law to provide the authorities with customer data. This fee does not include the amount of the fine.
  • Luggage Storage Service : €5 per suitcase. If during your stay in Menorca you need to store your bags safely, we have this service available so that you can rest easy and enjoy your day without having to carry your luggage, this service is subject to the Company’s business hours.


The prices displayed on the Website are the final ones, in Euros (€) and include taxes, unless, by legal requirement, especially in relation to VAT, a different matter is indicated and applied.

Prices may change at any time, but possible changes will not affect orders or purchases for which the User has already received an order confirmation.

The accepted means of payment will be: Credit or debit card.

MENORCA EN MOTO uses all means to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the payment data transmitted by the User during transactions through the Website. As such, the Website uses a secure payment system SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing bank, if said entity does not authorize payment, MENORCA EN MOTO will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivery and will not be able to formalize any contract with the User.

Once MENORCA EN MOTO receives the purchase order from the User through the Website, a pre-authorization will be made on the corresponding card to ensure that there are sufficient funds to complete the transactions. The charge on the card will be made at the time the confirmation of shipment and/or confirmation of the service provided is sent to the User in the manner and, where appropriate, in the established place. In any case, by clicking on \»Rent\» the User confirms that the payment method used is his.


The User is informed that in the event that he detects that an error has occurred when entering the necessary data to process his purchase request on the Website, he may modify the same by contacting MENORCA EN MOTO through the spaces of contact enabled on the
Website, and, where appropriate, through those enabled to contact customer service, and/or using the contact information provided in the first clause (General Information).

Similarly, the User is referred to consult the Legal Notice and General Conditions of Use and, specifically, the Privacy Policy to obtain more information on how to exercise their right of rectification as established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council,
of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data (RGPD) and in Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.


By using this Website, the User accepts that most communications with MENORCA EN MOTO are electronic (email or notices published on the Website).

For contractual purposes, the User is aware of using this electronic means of communication and acknowledges that all contracts, notifications, information and other communications that MENORCA EN MOTO sends electronically comply with the legal requirements of being in writing. This condition will not affect the rights recognized by law to the User.

The User can send notifications and/or communicate with MENORCA EN MOTO through the contact information provided in these Conditions and, where appropriate, through the contact spaces on the Website.

Likewise, unless otherwise stipulated, MENORCA EN MOTO may contact and/or notify the User by email.


No waiver by MENORCA EN MOTO of a specific right or legal action or the lack of requirement by MENORCA EN MOTO of strict compliance by the User with any of its obligations will imply, nor a
waiver of other rights or actions derived from a contract or from the Conditions, nor will it exonerate the User from the fulfillment of its obligations.

No waiver by MENORCA EN MOTO of any of these Conditions or of the rights or actions derived from a contract shall take effect, unless it is expressly established that it is a waiver and is formalized and communicated to the User in writing.


If any of the present conditions were declared null and void by a firm resolution issued by a competent authority, the rest of the clauses improved in force, without being affected by said declaration of nullity.


These Conditions and any document to which express reference is made in these constitute the entire agreement between the User and MENORCA EN MOTO in relation to the object of rental and replace any other pact, agreement or previous promise agreed verbally or in writing by the
same parts.

The User and MENORCA EN MOTO acknowledge having consented to the conclusion of a contract without having relied on any statement or promise made by the other party, except for what is expressly mentioned in these Conditions.


The information or data of a personal nature that the User provides to MENORCA EN MOTO in the course of a transaction on the Website, will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy or data protection (contained, where appropriate, in the Legal Notice and General Conditions of Use). By accessing,
browsing and/or using the Website, the User consents to the processing of said information and data and declares that all the information or data provided is true.


The access, navigation and/or use of this Website and the rental contracts through it will be governed by Spanish legislation.

Any controversy, problem or disagreement that arises or is related to the access, navigation and/or use of the Website, or with the interpretation and execution of these Conditions, or with the rental contracts between MENORCA EN MOTO and the User, will be the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals


The User can send MENORCA EN MOTO their complaints, claims or any other comments they wish to make through the contact details provided at the beginning of these Conditions (General Information).


CONTACT DATA: The personal data collected in relation to a query or request will be processed to process it, as well as, where appropriate, to contact you in relation to it.

THIRD-PARTY DATA.- In the case of providing personal data owned by third parties, you state that you have the consent of those affected to do so, having previously informed yourself of the content of this privacy policy.